St. Vincent's 'Los Ageless' is a Heartbreaking Love Song

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "How can anybody have you or lose you and not lose their minds, too?" St. Vincent AKA Annie Clark asks in her new song "Los Ageless," putting emphasis on "lose." Despite the hints of a break up, this isn't necessarily a breakup song. Lyrics like "how can anybody have you" and "I try to tell you I love you but it comes out all sick" prove that she might still be in a relationship, but she's not letting herself live in the present. For some reason, the amount of love she's feeling is so intense, it's breaking her heart. And although she's talking to another person, it feels like she only has herself to blame for this impending insanity.

    Clark does an excellent job of emitting this desperation both through her delivery and her instruments. After the release of "New York," listeners thought she might be tucking her guitars in their cases for this upcoming record, but rest assured, her trademark riffs are back, and they're more schizophrenic than ever. This time though, they're laid over a bed of electronic, "Bulletproof"-esque beats. Towards the end, the song slows down as strings cry in the background and Clark quietly acknowledges, over and over again, that she's basically incapable of love.

    Along with this new song, Clark has also announced her forthcoming album, MASSEDUCTION, out October 13 via Loma Vista Recordings. The record was co-produced by Jack Antonoff and Clark held a pretty off-kilter press conference earlier today via FB Live to answer questions about it.

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