Kelela's 'Frontline' is The 90s Breakup Anthem We've Been Looking For

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Singer-songwriter Kelela has released a track from her upcoming album, Take Me Apart, and it's amazing. But that's no surprise considering she's one of Solange's favorite artists, and we all know anything a Knowles says, goes.

    The new single, "Frontline" is Kelela's take on a breakup song. The almost six minute long song begins with a light synth and airy vocals reminiscent of Kelela's debut EP, CUT 4 ME. As the track progresses, drums are added and more synth lines are layered, and Kelela switches to an almost rap-like vocal delivery, resulting in a song that sounds like it should have been released in the late 90s.

    The second half of the song shows just why Kelela is one of Solange's favorites. Background vocals are stacked on the lead, creating an army of harmonies. The voices are backed by a classic 90s R&B beat, and Kelela sings "Hold away, you fucking with my groove / Gettin' on this plane, making moves / Cry and talk about it, baby, but it ain't no use / I ain't gonna sit here with your rules." She's stronger and more powerful, and that's evident in her choice of lyrics and the weight of the songs she is creating.

    Take Me Apart is expected to be released today, October 6th.

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