GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Getting a Dynamic Sound with Jesse Mac Cormack
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    An up-and-coming artist we are super excited about is indie alt-electronic artist Jesse Mac Cormack. So far he's released two tracks "Repeat" and "Never Enough" off of his forthcoming EP, After The Glow, and after giving them a listen, September 16th can't come sooner. Cormack cleverly blends acoustic and electronic instruments together to create a dynamic, cinematic sound that will make your heart sink. The music is complex with time signature changes and surprises around every corner but remains emotionally relatable. Take Gotye's voice, Annie Clark's frantic electric guitar, and James Blake's glitchy production, and you get Jesse Mac Cormack.

    Cormack's sound is so different, you'll never get bored while listening to him. We wanted to talk to the man himself to try and figure out just how he creates his unique sound. When we asked him what his favorite piece of gear was, he answered with The Roland Chorus Echo SRE 555, "Because it is so versatile, everything that this machine does brings vintage quality and strong character. You can use it as a delay. The tape makes the pitch wave in a very natural and particular way. The spring has its own sound too, the kind of reverb that can only sit in a few very designated places in a mix. We could say it's a one trick pony. To complete the machine, nothing like dirty analog chorus and of course you can use all these effects together and make you own thing. Very easy to use, a must."

    See some photos of The Roland below, accompanied with Cormack's very own selfie:



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