Carly Rae Jepsen Stays On Top of The World with 'EMOTION: Side B'
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Seriously, whoever said that Carly Rae Jepsen was going to turn into a one hit wonder after the "Call Me Maybe" revolution needs to reevaluate themselves. But we're not here to talk about "Call Me Maybe" because that's old news. We're here to talk about ALL of the wonderful gifts Jepsen has given us in just one year.

    Last year she released the critically acclaimed EMOTION (which made our Top Albums of 2015) and it was a nearly-perfect pop album. It was full of polished hits from front to back and greatly improved our lives. Seriously, if you say you have never Facebook-stalked your crush while blasting "I Really Like You," you're f*cking lying, kid.

    Jepsen released that record and our world suddenly flipped upside down. We walked around with thumping synth lines stuck in our heads for days and people thought we were weird for singing GIMMIE LOVE! GIMMIE LOVE GIMMIE LOVE GIMMIE TOUCH everywhere we went. An album that was clearly influenced by the 80s was somehow so fresh and so easy to play on repeat as we got lost in euphoria. We got angry when we listened to "When I Needed You" and thought of the boy that was never there for us, we got sad when we listened to "Your Type" and thought about all of the times we were ~friendzoned~, and we cheered up when we listened to "Run Away With Me" and thought about finally finding a decent guy and traveling the world with said guy. EMOTION took us on a rollercoaster of, well, emotion. So how could that ride possibly get more thrilling?

    Jepsen answered that question last week with the sequel, EMOTION: Side B in celebration of our favorite album's one year anniversary. When listening to these newly-released b-sides, you can't help but wonder how they didn't originally make it onto the album. The sequel opens with "First Time" which is sonically consistent with EMOTION and reeks of the 80s. The radio-ready "Higher" matches the title with a high-energy chorus about getting high on the drug of loooove. Jepsen sings "It's too much pressure" in "The One," a song about forming a casual love. A standout track is "Fever," which she released earlier this year off of EMOTION Remixed only in Japan. It's a heartbreaking tune that's still catchy, filled with energy, and possibly one of the best songs off of all of EMOTION. "Cry" is one of the darker tracks with the lyrics, "He never wants to strip down to his feelings / He never wants to kiss and close his eyes / He never wants to cry / I never really know when he'll be leaving / And even with hello I hear goodbye / He always makes me cry." The album also features the tracks "Body Language," "Store," and "Roses."

    Although we're still listening to EMOTION after its release one year ago, receiving these b-sides was like a (very early) Christmas present. We just want to take this moment to thank Carly Rae Jepsen for being the best friend ever... Well yeah, we're not actually friends, but we like, basically are. Either that or we are just strangers that over-share our feelings and totally get each other. I'm cool with either one. Now please excuse me while I go freak out and listen to "Fever" again.

    Oh, and also check out our interview with Jepsen (we managed to be professionals and stay calm throughout the whole thing!):

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