The Best Of Snoop and 2 Chainz Reddit AMA
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 06, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Snoop Lion is a highly revered figure throughout multiple Reddit communities. He regularly speaks up in subs like r/hiphopheads, r/trees (where he is now a moderator), and every so often r/naturaltitties (NSFW). Last night, Snoop sat down along with 2 Chainz to speak with his internet savvy stoner minions during his latest AMA. As you might imagine, not a single important thing was said, however, we still enjoyed seeing that there's still a Dogg in the heart of the Lion.

    Check out our favorite moments from the AMA, and if you want more, you can find it here.

    But wait, before we start...does anyone else think that Snoop is looking more and more like Uncle Deadly from The Muppets by the day?

    The best band ever?

    He even rhymes his answers!


    I'm speechless, yet impressed...

    Ehhhh we'll agree to disagree.

    If you can touch them, they're real...

    Maybe start with spelling?


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