Kopecky Family Band Grows Up, Announces Debut Album

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Photo By Parker Fitzgerald

    One of our favorite CMJ 2011 Launch Pad, Kopecky Family Band have announced their debut album, Kids Raising Kids. We've always known their tunes are full of the best bits of life -- emotionally staunch, energetic, and vital -- but first single "Heartbeat," as well as what we've heard from the full LP, has us SUPER EXCITED, like little kid excited. "Heartbeat" is well crafted and just, indescribably happy, like the moment right before you go downstairs at Christmas and you KNOW presents be waitin', but that mix of anticipation and uncertainty has got you pumped up harder than a bowl of sugary cereal and chocolate milk. They haven't lost any of their charm.

    Hear it below.

    Head over to the band's website for a free download.

    Kids Raising Kids is due out 10/23. In the meantime, ROCK OUT to our Kopecky Koncert.

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