Transgender Punk Rocker Laura Jane Grace Gets Series on AOL
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 04, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    For many people the rockstar lifestyle can be summed up in three words: sex, drugs, and Rock&Roll, but as we all one day come to realize, nothing in life is that easily understood. Just as Rock&Roll has a million sub genres that vary across a rock spectrum—hard rock, punk rock, alt rock, electro-country-pop rock—so does sexuality.

    AOL Originals just announced the release of a 10 episode documentary series True Trans With Laura Jane Grace. Laura Jane Grace is the lead singer of the punk rock band, Against Me!, who recently came out as a transgender woman in 2012. Like most transgender people, she had been struggling with her identity for her entire life, and the series will focus on Grace and other transgenders' journeys of self discovery.

    Many transgender individuals feel trapped and often turn to drugs, alcohol, or suicide to escape the constraints of society and gender, but as a true punk rocker, Laura Jane Grace explores a world outside of social convention. The mission of True Trans is to raise awareness and demystify the transgender community, as well as letting all viewers—despite their sexuality—know that its alright to express who you really are.

    True Trans With Laura Jane Grace will be available October 10th on the AOL On Originals Home page as well as the AOL On App.

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