Good Music Wednesday: Shakey Graves Oozes Beautifully Abrasive Blues

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Every Wednesday for the next six weeks, we'll be bringing you behind the lenses of The Good Music Club, an Austin, Texas-based showcase of brilliant performers who embody the city's vibrant music culture.

    The first edition of Good Music Wednesdays brings us local Austin gentleman Alejandro Rose-Garcia, known formally on stage as the impassioned blues musician Shakey Graves. The Club hails this artist as the "best damn one man show in Austin," but after watching this performance, we'd be willing to gamble his talent extends much further than his hometown. His unique live set features himself, armed with a beautiful, old hollow-body, picking away like a fervent busker, as he pounds his heels on his homemade, suitcase double kick drum at his back. With a growl like Cobain and a slow-burning cigarette perched at the head of his guitar like Richards, Shakey Graves is a one-of-a-kind artist, and one we're overtly thrilled to be sharing with you.

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