A New Eddie Murphy Album Is Exactly What The World Needs

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Eddie Murphy has officially joined Twitter to promote the release of a full-length music record called 9. His lone tweet included a link to a Soundcloud stream of his first single "Redlight", featuring fellow metamorphic artist Snoop Lion. Damnit Eddie, can't you just do the Goonie Goo Goo bit again? When we said we wished Eddie Murphy would release a new album, we didn't mean music, damnit!

    Here's the "Redlight" music video shared a few months back:

    Let's not forget all of Eddie's prior musical endeavors.

    Eddie with Michael Jackson "What's Up With You"

    "Party All the Time"

    Let's be honest: This is the only music we want to hear attached to Eddie Murphy's name...

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