Adults Made This: Gangnam Style
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 04, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Yes, your iCalander says Tuesday, but in America, it feels like Monday, and the worst Monday of all Mondays combined. Labor Day is over, white pants have been properly stowed in the backs of closets, beach balls have been deflated, summer is UNOFFICIALLY OVER. But wait. Wipe away those tears, because there are other adults, yes, adults like you, or perhaps a little older than you, that decided that a rapper called Psy should make a video so ridiculous, it reads like a Kindergarten class's collection of short stories entitled "Stories From Mrs. Lynch's [smudge of chocolate] PM Session: Dancing." Just, wow. Try not to smile while imbibing this flagon of DANCE. Try. I dare you.

    Now if you're going steady with the Internet (which I suspect you are, SAVVY READER), you've probably already seen this. Odds are, at 100 million views, you've definitely seen this. But because it's fake-Monday in America, and we need some cheering up, and sometimes adults make things so wrong they are JUST RIGHT, we're giving you the goods, GANGNAM STYLE.

    Wow. Just, sometimes, it's all worth it.

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