The Weeknd Releases 'False Alarm,' Fast-Paced Second Single From 'Starboy'
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    I think it's safe to assume that The Weeknd doesn't go for the quiet, understated type. Abel's notorious appetite for drugs, sex, and partying seems to be insatiable - at least according to his lyrics. And in turn, the women he sings about seem to be proponents of a similar lifestyle. "False Alarm," with its ominous energy pulsing through a tale of a woman's destructive materialism, provides the counterpoint to the joyful self-focused bravado of "Starboy." This love saga is nothing new in The Weeknd's work, with similar women appearing from "The Party & The After Party" in 2011, to "Belong to the World" in 2013, and "In the Night" just last year. The woman in question on this track seems to leave nothing but destruction in the wake of her love affairs, and it 'haunts' her as well as The Weeknd. This may seem like love, but it's only a "False Alarm." The Weeknd hinted at this tale on Twitter all the way back in April 2015:

    The coming of Starboy, which is due November 25th, has made it clear that Abel is severing ties with his old self and his old music. "False Alarm," like "Starboy," is driven by a fast, programmed drum beat while vocals soar and undulate over the music. However, the lighter feel (for The Weeknd, which is not very light) of "Starboy" is replaced by a more chilling tone in the warnings on "False Alarm." That tone culminates in the bridge, as the song slows for The Weeknd to paint the bleakest image yet: "She always seems to be alone, but the diamonds make it better."

    As a huge fan of this man's music, I have a good feeling about Starboy. "False Alarm" gives us something to latch on to - a familiar voice and lyrical subject - while our ears are challenged by an entirely new, dynamic sound. What more can we ask for? Listen to "False Alarm" above.

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