Father John Misty Hands Down A Vitriolic 'Memo'

    • Posted by: Max Stalker-Wilde

    Father John Misty has a lot going on [Ed. Note: touring in support of his new album and beefing with Ryan Adams and doing his own Taylor Swift covers] and despite all that, he decided to release a mopey folk song intent on giving dream exploiters the what for. The track's arrangement is angelic and the composition itself is a very delicate and melodious, pretty thing but the focus is lyrical. This song is intent on describing the hypocrisy, insincerity, greed and deception involved in the entertainment industry and perhaps the world at large. It's a elf referential song that disgraces people who lead on eager youth with wealthy parents. It's very popular these days to just vaguely talk smack about made up people with money, but my problem is just the reality of the situation. It's understandable that the artificial and shallow qualities of certain people up in lights can lead one to believe that "the game" is "run" by "the man" who doesn't care about us and just dresses up dolls for money, but take the second verse of "The Memo".

    "I'm gonna take five young dudes
    From white families
    Gonna mount 'em on a billboard
    In the middle of the country
    I'm gonna tell everybody they sing like angels with whiter teeth
    But just between you and me
    They're just like the ones before
    With their standards lower
    Every concert goer will pay you to believe"

    It's easy to believe that since there are sometimes five young white dudes with good teeth and good managers that have successful music careers, maybe it's a rich manager who is using market knowledge to pull a fast one on everybody. However, usually the case is that five young white dudes work really hard to get shows and whiten their teeth because it sells better. It's politics; Father John Misty is very quick to blame imaginary people for their control of the scene when in reality what the public opinion really wants as a unit is what dictates the scene, higher ups deal with that because it is their job. Maybe I'm getting too into it, but it upsets me when someone tries to rally good people for a cause that doesn't make any sense. It'd be great if dirt teethed howling punks were on the covers of magazines but it's no 1%er who keeps that from happening as much as it is the fact that those magazines don't sell because people won't buy them as much as they will buy a cover with an impossibly cute person. Another line from "The Memo"

    "Narcissus would have had a field day if he could have got online"

    Would he? Because what Narcissus fell in love with was his own reflection before he know that he was looking at himself. So what about the internet would he engage in? Maybe Narcissus only loved himself so he would have a better time looking at his own body in real life then pictures of other people. So anyway, "The Memo" is a beautiful, sweet sentimented song by a very talented artist, even though the message is a little uninformed.

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