Baeble First Play: The Arena Ready World Rock Of The Curious Incident

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I was having a conversation with an industry peer the other day about how unexpected it was that Local Natives almost out of nowhere became one of the most influential rock bands of the early 2010s. Their Caribbean drums paired with shimmering guitars has shaped an entire generation of rock bands. And although their guitars are a little more pop-punk than local natives, London rockers The Curious Incident are part of that new wave of rock bands pairing arena-ready hooks and rock with world influences to beautiful effect.

    We have the exclusive premiere of The Curious Incident's newest single, "The Hunt," and it pairs that arena-ready world music pop-rock with legitimate lyrical depth, discussing unemployment and that daily existential grind that comes with being a Millennial in today's completely broken economy. But, don't worry, the song has that depth, but if you're just looking for a track to rock out too, it will also take care of that deal. The Curious Incident are officially on our radar.

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