New Music Video: Adele
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Adele's 21 contains a few melty, emotive tracks but none more infused with melancholy than "Someone Like You". The video was directed by Jake Nava (known for "Crazy In Love" and Kanye's "Monster", among other things), and plays off the potency with a single shot of Adele strolling in what is later revealed to be Paris, the city of love. As she makes her way down the Seine in black and white, the camera swings from the Eiffel Tower to other familiar Parisian architecture, as if to echo the loneliness of the song's story. What we're trying to say is that even though you thought this song couldn't get any more empathetic, Adele's sudden look at the camera at 2:34 says otherwise. Oof, that "nevermind" hurts. Arm yourself with some Kleenex.

    21 is out now, it goes great with ice cream and tears, but goddamn we still love it.

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