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    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2010

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    El Guincho's new video starts off with a monologue claiming he is going to answer questions about the universe. The proceeding video then leaves me with more questions than I had before (possibly because I don't know Spanish, but I think some Spanish speakers may be in the same boat as I).

    The new video doubles as the music video for his song "Bombay" as well as a trailer for director Nicholas Mendez's upcoming movie also called "Bombay." The Movie is the director's interpretation of El Guincho's 2008 release Alegranza!. So far I can't see any trace of a plot but according to the trailer, the movie should consist of highly stylized camera techinique, slow-motion shots and boobs. A lot of boobs. If any of these things strike your fancy, check the movie out when it's released in 2011.-brendan mehan

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