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    Last weekend Passion Pit played Central Park, and wooed the crowd with their high pitched pop. The only thing better than hanging out at the show (we were all there!) was the chance to capture all the action on film. Now we've got the entire set of synth-y dance goodness on tape. Rejoice, sleepyheads.

    After some microphone difficulties on the first night, and a cologne spill located in lead singer Michael Angelakos' suitcase, we weren't sure what to expect. But the guys came out and killed it; Mike hit the squeak notes like a pro, the band was visibly having a blast, and the crowd was singing along any chance they got.

    We also got a chance to ask a few of the guys some questions before the show. Stay tuned for the full interview and Passion Pit's entire set.-joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Passion Pit At Summerstage
    Passion Pit on Myspace

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