EL VY Lighten Matt Berninger's Usual Melancholy In Goofy New Video
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I've had sort of a rough week, and whenever I have a rough week, I invariably play High Violet by the National. If Matt Berninger can make it through the tales of woe and desperation that he spins on that record, I'll get by. And that cathartic but beautiful melancholia is why so many of us are attracted to The National. Nobody has done "sad" music this well since The Cure. But it's nice to know that Matt Berninger has a fun side too, and he's showcasing it on his very non-National side project EL VY (with Brent Knopf from Menomena).

    EL VY just released the video for their single, "The Man To Be," and it might be my favorite video of the year. As someone who's seen Matt Berninger drink from goblet of wine on stage and bellow his sad songs, watching him just be a goofy dork for four or so minutes is exactly what I needed. Also, I never realized how much I needed to hear Matt Berninger utter the words "I'm comfortable because my dick's in the sunlight" til just now.

    And be sure to check out our exclusive session with Brent Knopf's old band Ramona Falls.

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