Premiere: Poor Remy Gives Folk a Gritty Spin In 'Ghost'
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    When you first listen to a new band, it's difficult to avoid making reminiscent connections to music past. While many will produce an immediate, "Ah, this is a bullshit ripoff" reaction, some will perk your ear as a subtle homage. Brooklyn, by way of Gambier, Ohio trio Poor Remy caught my consideration with the latter technique. Since I was late to the jump on their initial single "Wrecking Ball" off their second EP, Bitters, my first taste of Adrian, Andrew, and Kenneth came from "Ghost". The song lured me in with its calming opening 50 seconds, whose gentle picks and harmonized howls sucked me back to some old, emotive Elliott Smith sit-down, but when you least expect it, things suddenly pick up into a folk-jangled sing-along set to the style of tomorrow. And by 'tomorrow', I mean a new sound that hasn't set itself loose on mainstream audiences, and I'm excited for a band like Poor Remy to help usher in this future.

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