Kanye West Goes To Kazakhstan, Proves Kazakhstan Exists
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Kanye West's most recent act that pissed off middle-aged white people came from playing wedding singer for the grandson of the Kazakhstan (yes, Kazakhstan) President. According to The Independent:

    President Nazarbayev has been accused of violating human rights and corruption. But West ignored international condemnation of the government led by the oil-rich autocrat to perform tracks such as "Can't Tell Me Nothing" at the lavish celebrations.

    The Independent's report claims that West was paid $3 million for his performance at the wedding. To which we say:

    Can we really blame Ye for taking up such an enormous offer? Hell, I might help a friend shovel toxic waste over the weekend for an extra hundred fifty bucks. I can only imagine who I'd be willing to piss off for a couple million. The moral of the story is: Do any of us really know exactly where our paychecks are coming from every week? I don't. For this, I salute you Kanye...

    Here's a clip of Kanye performing at the wedding for a bunch of Kazakies (???) who probably have no clue what's going on in Chi-raq, bitch.

    And to follow suit with every other blog that's covered this story, here is our favorite Borat animated gif...

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