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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2010

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    It's Friday, and we're all scrambling to the beach somewhere (some North, some South, all crossing fingers that a hurricane doesn't find us). But it wouldn't be very fair if we didn't provide the soundtrack to your weekend (like we always do), so I put together a few choice favorite tracks from the last few weeks. ENJOY.

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    1. "Because (Ft. Radiohead)" - Chiddy Bang - Unreleased

    I think this track is unreleased (not sure), but DAMN. It really captures the magic of Chiddy Bang. Keep an eye out for a mini album in October, with their debut The Swelly Life due out in early 2011.

    2. "The Minute I Saw It" - Chief - Modern Rituals

    Man, Chief...There is something unavoidable about this hook. This new Domino band was in the review section this week. Modern Rituals is out now, and if you can get under some slightly unconventional harmonies coupled with mellow alt-rock, this is your bag.

    3. "It Is Not Meant To Be" - Tame Impala - Innerspeaker

    Bring back psychadelia Brooklyn style, imitating the Beatles vocal sound, talking about drugs, and generally being awesome. Tame Impala hail from down under, but they are rising fast. Innerspeaker is out now, and it goes well with heavy intoxication.

    4. "Flashover" - Klaxons - Surfing The Void

    Klaxons got a little more polished on their second disc, but this song harkens back to their original schtick of scrappy dance-rock that makes you want to break TVs and set stuff on fire. Surfing The Void is out now, including the space cat cover (epic).

    5. "In Sleep" - Lissie - Catching A Tiger

    Lissie is pretty awesome. Catching A Tiger (out now) is full of soulfull folk that shows off Lissie's awesome pipes, but this song really shows off her ability to nail a song to your ears. It makes me want to buy a car so I can play it while driving on the highway and sing along really loud. But that would be very expensive, so maybe I'll just play it on my iPod.

    6. "Beyond Reason" - Philip Selway - Familial

    When the drummer from your favorite band makes a solo record, you get slightly terrified. It's a little unorthodox for drummers to be good at anything other than drumming. But Phil Selway proves his point. His take on folk is decidely twinged with the neurosis of Radiohead, and for that, I really enjoyed being freaked out by it (huh?) Familial is out now on Nonesuch.

    7. "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass" - !!! - Strange Weather, Isn't It?

    Honestly, this song title doesn't make much sense until you hear the song and really that your intentions have always been and always should be bass.

    8. "New York City Hotel Blues" - Margot and The Nuclear So and Sos - Buzzard

    After label disputes and a long hiatus, Margot is back with new material, and I'm really digging it. You can totally hear the band doing whatever they want, and it feels much more natural, and thus resonates much better than the wringed out Animal from last time around. Looking forward to Buzzard hitting the wires 9/21.

    9. "Let The Rain" - Sara Bareilles - Kalaidoscope Heart

    I'm sorry, if you can't find anything to enjoy about Kalaidoscope Heart, then sir, you have no soul. But seriously, it's pop and it's pretty great. Go give it a shot, it's out now on Epic Records.

    10. "Dying Is Fine" - Ra Ra Riot - The Rhumb Line

    Ra Ra Riot have a new record (The Orchard), but I like the old one better. So I'm going to remind everyone of why this band still has potential for greatness, pending they keep their more raw side in tact. Great track.

    That's all! Next week we'll have someone else curate the tape so you don't have to listen to the insane late afternoon ramblings of a 95 degree office and a four day weekend looming ominously close by. See you in the future! -joe puglisi

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