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    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2010

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    You know, dancing in a dimly, awkwardly lit room in flowing clothes is a pretty apt metaphor for the emphatically beautiful tunes of Elizabeth Powell and Land Of Talk. Cloak and Cipher itself provides the inspiration for their next piece of visual riffing...Check out the just-arty-enough video for "Quarry Hymns" below.

    The video was directed by Land of Talk regular Joseph Yarmush, and filmed at the Ukranian Federation in Montreal's Mile End. Pay close attention: the imagery was based on the theme of Cloak and Cipher and evolved during the course of shooting to match the lyrics of "Quarry Hymns" (all lyrics from the poetic pen of Elizabeth Powell).

    "Quarry Hymns":

    Barring knowledge of the origin of such images... Creepy voyeuristic guy with glasses? Bloody hands? Color AND black and white? This is borderline film-school final project, people. But the music is sooooooo good.

    Their absolutely stellar second record Cloak And Cipher is out now on Saddle Creek. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: "Swift Coin"
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