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    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 2009

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    Do you ever feel like classic rock stations and local dive bars have exhausted your favorite 70s southern rock jams? Need some new tunes for that Skynard stocked road trip play list? If you're searching for a new band to compliment those a cappella "Blackwater" sessions look no further than Canada's own shaggy headed foursome, The Sheepdogs.

    Their music is anything but retro imitation. Rather, it's authentic good old rock 'n' roll; the kind that makes you want to throw back a beer at some highway worn mom and pop joint somewhere below the Mason-Dixon. The Sheepdogs successfully synthesize that CCR/ Allman Brothers, down-by-the-levee blues rock with Ray Davies worthy melodies. Ewan Curries' vocals are incredibly complementary to their sound; he can rock out the Fogerty power and still hit the softer soul vibe. Commanding southern rock riffs and Brit pop harmonies make their music familiar enough to draw you in and fresh enough to keep you listening.

    The band's sophomore album The Sheepdogs' Big Stand was released earlier this year, and it's just been nominated for Independent Album of the Year at this year's Western Canadian Music Awards. Starting in early September, The Sheepdogs will kick off a tour of the northeast and Canada while catching some studio time for their third album. We got the slate of dates below for your consideration. - Amelia Trask

    The Sheepdogs On Tour

    09/17 - Brandon, MB - University Of Brandon
    09/19 - Brandon, MB - The City Center Hotel
    09/20 - Brandon, MB - Western Canadian Music Awards Ceremony
    09/23 - Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
    09/24 - Hamilton, ON - The Corktown
    09/25 - London, UK - Call The Office
    09/26 - Brantford, ON - Two Doors Down
    09/27 - Oakville, ON - Moonshine Caf
    09/28 - New York, NY - Arlene's Grocery
    09/29 - New York, NY - The Parkside Lounge
    09/30 - Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
    10/01 - Fredericton, NB - The Capitol
    10/02 - Halifax, NS - The Seahorse
    10/03 - Sackville, NB - Georges Roadhouse
    10/05 - Ottawa, ON - Zaphod Beeblebrox
    10/06 - Peterborough, UK - The Red Dog
    10/07 - Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern
    10/09 - Thunder Bay, ON - Black Pirates Pub
    10/10 - Winnipeg, MB - The Times Change'd

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