BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Mulholland Drive' by TJ Kong and The Atomic Bomb
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Neal Santos]

    There's something about the warm twang of Philadelphia-based post-apocalyptic americana band TJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb and their new song "Mulholland Drive," which we're premiering here today. September is ending and it's feeling a little cooler here in Brooklyn, which means it's officially autumn. And there's no better way to ring in the season than with this song. All of the members are big fans of Halloween and put on an annual "TJ Kong Halloween Costume Ball Rock N Roll Murdershow" too, so yeah, the timing is pretty perfect. You can hear the essence of the spooky holiday in the song, reminiscent of Gosling's Dead Man's Bones or Timber Timbre.

    Frontman Dan Bruskewicz told Baeble more about it, "I wrote this song after an experience I had in LA. I was feeling such a crazy divide between the part of me that loved it there and the part of me that felt extremely isolated in the situation I found myself in. I began to understand what it's like to feel both of those things at the same time and what makes LA such a strange and cosmic place. When I got home to Philadelphia I wrote this song. It began originally as electro-pop, believe it or not, a collab with a good friend of mine. But then I tried it with just an acoustic guitar one day and it instantly changed and took this very organic shape. We put it together with the band in no time. One of those songs that just comes out and hits the road running."

    "Mulholland Drive" is off of the band's forthcoming album Dancing Out The Door, out October 13th.

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