Waiting for 'A Seat at the Table': The Hype Playlist for Solange's Upcoming Album
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    Solange Knowles' new album, set for release this Friday, looks like it's going to be big to say the least. Solange shared the tracklist to A Seat at the Table on her Twitter yesterday, revealing an impressive list of featured artists. The singer-songwriter's third studio album will include appearances from Lil Wayne, Dev Hynes (a.k.a. Blood Orange), Sampha, Moses Sumney, Q-Tip, Kelly Rowland, The-Dream, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Kelela. If you're like me and that group of artists sounds like eargasm after eargasm, you don't even want to wait the two days to hear the album. That's why we have this playlist, aptly titled 'Waiting for A Seat at the Table' (hilarious, I know), for you to vibe with Solange and friends. There's no explanation needed for these magical artists, all unique in their own right. But just in case you wanted it, here's a quick track-by-track to get you even more excited.

    Solange - "T.O.N.Y"
    This Solange classic, from 2008's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, sets the vibe a groovy old-school feel and poignant lyrics about love and its obstacles.

    Lil Wayne - "Tie My Hands (ft. Robin Thicke)"
    You don't really expect Lil Wayne to be rapping over a slow R&B-type beat with Robin Thicke crooning hooks and choruses, but damn does he kill it. Wayne will be on Solange's "Mad" from A Seat at the Table.

    Blood Orange - "You're Not Good Enough"
    Dev Hynes has solidified his place as a unique force in genre-blending indie music. "You're Not Good Enough" off his 2013 release Cupid Deluxe, exhibits the best of that singularity. Hynes will contribute vocals to "This Moment."

    SBTRKT - "Hold On (feat. Sampha)"
    Sampha has a downright beautiful voice - a voice that will work over anything. He stole the spotlight on this track by frequent collaborator SBTRKT. Some similar magic will undoubtedly go down with Solange on "Don't Touch My Hair."

    Moses Sumney - "Everlasting Sigh"
    This young LA singer-songwriter is crafting unique sounds and gaining famous fans left and right, like James Blake, who he is supporting on a US tour right now. You'll find him contributing vocals to "Mad."

    A Tribe Called Quest - "Bonita Applebum"
    Q-Tip is a hip-hop legend, a pioneer both in rhyming and production. I don't know if I could name a smoother spoken voice than his. He'll be vibing with Solange on "Borderline (An Old to Self Care)."

    Kelly Rowland & Nelly - "Dilemma"
    This is an undeniable classic, blending hip-hop and R&B in a confused love song. While this may have been the height of Kelly & Nellys careers, don't ever sleep on Ms. Rowland. Check her on Solange's interlude "I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It."

    The-Dream - "Rockin' That Shit"
    This was a definitive middle school song for me. I don't know what it was for you, but it told me The-Dream can sing damn well. He'll be doing just that with Solange and BJ the Chicago Kid on "F.U.B.U."

    BJ the Chicago Kid - "Church (ft. Chance The Rapper)"
    Anyone who collaborates with Chance the Rapper and Solange has probably got some talent. Another voice that really doesn't need much explanation, just ears. The Kid will be on "F.U.B.U." as well.

    Kelela - "A Message"
    Solange is known to be a fan of Kelela. If you're not a fan as well, follow suit. This song's sparse production highlights Kelela's distinctive sound, which you'll hear a hint of on Solange's "Scales."

    Solange - "Losing You"
    Solange's upbeat retro jam from her 2008 EP True should be ringing in your head until Friday, getting you ready for some new ~fire~. Mic drop. To be picked up on Friday when new Solange jams arrive.

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