THROWBACK THURSDAY: CHVRCHES Live In Central Park - One Year Later
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    It's hard to believe it's been one year to the day that we all woke up with massive knots in our stomachs, knowing mother nature would have the ultimate say in whether we go through with our biggest concert production to date...or have what was sure to be an instant Baeble classic wiped out by dark green and bright red blobs on the radar. A quick check of that radar and didn't look favorable.

    Still, we assembled the crew, ran around Brooklyn and Manhattan collecting massive amounts of gear and showed up for our production capturing CHVRCHES' Every Open Eye Tour kickoff concert at Central Park Summerstage. Would the gods let us off the hook?

    If you've spent any time on the site in the last year, you probably already know we were able to produce two amazing videos on September 29th, 2015. The first of those videos was a 50-minute concert film of CHVRCHES totally owning a location that's as iconic as they come. As we fixed our cameras on the stage that evening, it turns out the only electricity that would be zipping through the venue was coming directly from the band's electric performance. Our biggest fears would come true though. It would eventually rain, but in the most scripted/magical way possible during the band's intense performance of "Clearest Blue".

    In addition to capturing the performance, we also set out to go behind the scenes of this magnificent moment with the band. Sitting down with Lauren, Iain, and Martin shortly before their sound check, we chatted about a variety of topics, including what playing such a historical venue feels like, what they hope their fans get out of Every Open Eye, and probably most interestingly, the extremely close and very deliberate relationship they share with their fans.

    We also went out into the crowd, interviewing fans who had been lining up to rush the front row since the early hours of the morning. What we found was how that relationship the band holds so dear extends both ways. For fans, the band's show in Central Park was more than just the opportunity to see an amazing concert. CHVRCHES write the kind of songs that burrow deep down into the soul, shaping their fans' lives as they navigate the twists and turns and rough roads that sometimes lay ahead, taking direct inspiration from what Lauren, Iain, and Martin do and how they go about doing it.

    All in all, it was spectacular moment...and what better way to honor the 1 year anniversary of the production with a coveted, TBT Feature!

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