Phantogram's New Song 'You're Mine' is a Love Song for Serial Killers
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    Self-proclaimed dark-edelic duo Phantogram just released a new video for "You're Mine", a love song off their upcoming album Three. The song contains Phantogram's signature elements of natural vocals paired with crashing electronic sounds. The masterminds behind the group, Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, provide the voices of a couple detailing how they met and complete one another. Throughout this love story, the two vocalists frequently use violent and creepy imagery in their metaphors. This imagery is mirrored in the visuals, where strobing images of knives, bullets, human hearts, rats and spiders flash across the screen. This creates a playful song about a sort of twisted love between two people, both as obsessed with the macabre as they are with each other. It plays off of cliches about never wanting to let someone go, and the obsession of love, and takes it to a creepy extreme.

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