Now Playing: Lena Fayre's Shadowy Performance at The Baeble Bounce House
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Well everyone, this is it. Six months ago we joined the entire music industry on its' annual journey down in Austin Texas for SXSW's annual, beer and BBQ-fueled festivities, hosting some of the most amazing acts we've ever had the opportunity to assemble in one place at one time. We've released a series of amazing shows ever since (Bloc Party, The Heavy, HAELOS, Givers, etc), and today marks a finale of sorts: the final piece of our Texas-sized programming. Cue the balloon drop! No? OK. Confetti cannon? Also no? OK. Fine. Let's just get to the amazing audio visuals then.

    Lena Fayre has been a lot of folk's musical secret for a while. At only 19 years old, the Californian artist is already quite accomplished in this nightmare industry of ours, having spent the last three years releasing a series of stunning EPs, albums, and drop dead gorgeous music videos. All independently, mind you.

    When she took over The Bounce House earlier this Spring, she was cloaked in a dense haze, stepping in and out of pools of light as she prowled the stage. It was a fitting environment for her art. Fayre's songs like her recently released single, "Cry" are painted in shadowy colors of black, grey, and blood red. They are downtempo and moody compositions. She's an impressive vocalist as well, channeling something with rich and chalky qualities defining her vocal melodies. Minimalist beats and ice cold synths orbit elegantly around her. Fayre's music could be described as dark and menacing, if not for the fact that it's actually extremely poppy and addictive. Those polarities make for a wonderful listen. So get in on the secret all your friends already know about and check out Lena Fayre's performance at The Baeble Bounce House.

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