Mick Jagger And Taylor Swift Give Us A Little 'Satisfaction'
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

    • Posted by: Max Stalker-Wilde

    It's always nice to see pop stars with number one hits that span over half a century on stage together. And it was especially nice when Mick Jagger arrived on Taylor Swift's stage in Nashville to perform the Rolling Stones hit and Rolling Stones magazine's #2 greatest song of all time "Satisfaction" [Ed Note: It's not even one of the Stones' top 10 songs but that's a rant for another day]. Now neither the modern pop singer nor the aged Stone exactly have the energy or the volume to really give this song the punk spirit that made it what it is, but the two are so clearly having such an incredible time jumping around and singing together that it's infectious. So Rolling Stones fans who appreciate modern music and Taylor Swift fans with a thing for old school rock and roll will surely get a huge kick out of this. And everyone else, keep your dad jokes to yourself; you're just jealous.

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