Inevitable Ends And New Beginnings - Royksopp's Newest Single Skulls
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Here's an interesting trend to ponder over: as the digital age becomes ever more pronounced and the turn-over speed of this world changes from minutes to seconds, artists become increasingly willing to abandon the traditional album format. Weird Al's already hinted that he may be done with it forever and other artists seem to be following suit. See Ryksopp, whose newest album, The Inevitable End (due out November 10th), is also their last. Note as well, though, that the Norwegian duo has gone on record as saying this is not the end of their career. Are these musicians adjusting to the times, favoring a leaner approach to their production cycles, are they just trying to downplay their own "inevitable end" or are they scrounging for attention?

    Who knows. What is known is that the single from the album, a piece of suffocating, ink-colored synth called "Skulls" is out today and that it seems poised to deliver on the group's promise of delving into "darker subject matter" (though the promise of heavier lyric content is spurious: "we will make you want another try/if you wanna ride/SKULLS!" ain't exactly Patti Smith, isn't even Patty Hearst). Whatever. It's an enjoyable piece of electro-pop via industrial beats, so you may as well give it a listen below.

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