12 Songs To Listen To When You Are Hopelessly Head-Over-Heels In Love
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Are you happily in love? Feelin' like your life is that one scene from 500 Days of Summer? Well, quit prancing around the streets to silence and start dancing to these 12 recently released indie pop songs. Whether you're in a new relationship or you're about to get married, there's an artist who has gone through the same emotions, so there's a song you'll be able to relate to. Embrace the infatuation. Get obsessed. These songs are only going to enhance the happiness.

    1. "Full Blown Love" by Broods

    This is the perfect song for when you are just realizing that you are in love, but sometimes love can't always be described with a lot of words. The music in the pre-chorus feels like pure excitement, like something amazing is about to happen. And sometimes that "feeling" says a whole lot more than actual words.

    2. "Morphine" by Lights

    This is a great song for when you and your ~lover~ just want to chill out and stay in bed all day long. A lazy Sunday, perhaps.

    3. "Don't Delete The Kisses" by Wolf Alice

    This one is a bit of a complex love song. Basically, the singer, Ellie Rowsell, is like, "hey person, I really like you but also, I'm scared and don't know if I'm even capable of love! Because I'm like super damaged goods." But in the end she decides to go with the flow because she likes this person a lot and they makes her smile "like a teenage girl."

    4. "Unconditional" by Nick Mulvey

    This song just sounds like pure, innocent love. This is for the couples who have already tied the knot and came back from their honeymoon, because at that point, ya'll vowed to love each other unconditionally.

    5. "Why Don't You Come On" by DJDS, Khalid, & Empress Of

    "I'll be your light after midnight / We're brighter together / I'll be your eyes if you lose sight / We see better together." A couple that shines brighter and sees better together, stays together!

    6. "Safe" by Bay Ledges

    This one is more for the people who are about to enter that "I love you" stage. It's like, you're sort of realizing how you feel, but also maybe it's a little too soon. But uh, no yeah, it's 100% love.

    7. "Uh Huh" by Julia Michaels

    "Uh Huh" is for when you are totally infatuated with your person. Like, obsessed. To the point where all you want to do is cuddle and dance around together forever and ever.

    8. "Malibu" by Miley Cyrus

    This new Miley Cyrus song is for couples who are engaged. It's that phase where you realize how much this person has changed you (for the better) and yeah, you probably want to spend the rest of your lives together. Congrats!

    9. "Love Me Like I'm Gone" by Jaws Of Love.

    This one is kind of sad, with the whole idea of loving someone like their gone. Frst of all, why do I gotta imagine you being gone? That's the worst idea ever! But also, that would make me miss and love a person even more. It's a mean, win/lose sitch.

    10. "Slip Away" by Perfume Genius

    If you're looking for love songs, the entirety of Perfume Genius' album No Shape will come in handy. It's all about freeing yourself from your metaphorical cage and letting love do its thiggity thang.

    11. "On + Off" by Maggie Rogers

    Is this person there for you during your lowest points? Are they there for you during your highest points? Whether you're on or off, they've got you.

    12. "Sorceress" by Jordan Rakei

    "You are the sorceress," Jordan Rakei sings over and over again, as if someone has saved him. Endless passion. So romantic.

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