The Weeknd's 'Starboy' Video Puts The Old Abel Away For Good

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    If you thought The Weeknd's hair (RIP) was coming back anytime soon, this is bad news. Today, the dynamic performer put out the music video for "Starboy," his single released just under a week ago. With the Starboy album set to drop in late November, this song has not fallen short on hype. The Weeknd played on dramatic reactions to his change in hairstyles, along with his self-proclaimed title "King of the Fall" to craft a badass storyline for the coming of Starboy.

    In the video, a version of The Weeknd in a suit and with signature grown-out Basquiat-inspired hairstyle is seen sitting across from a masked man in all black. In quick succession, we see the mystery man put on leather gloves, we see that The Weeknd is bound to the chair, and then we see him suffocated by a plastic bag. He falls to the floor, dead, and the man walks away. The beat drops and... guess who?

    The killer is none other than the new Weeknd - the motherfuckin' Starboy. This man has certainly not skipped on his promise to "come alive in the fall time." With the old Abel dead and gone, The Weeknd struts through the house, wearing the same outfit that can be seen on the cover of Starboy. Then, with a glint in his eyes, he starts wrecking shit with a giant neon cross, saying goodbye to the old and dancing on the broken glass. When he's done, his wardrobe burned and gold records cracked, he drives off in a fancy car with a black panther riding shotgun. Because that's what you do in this situation, obviously. Needless to say, it seems we can expect a new sound and a new energy with this new incarnation of The Weeknd. Watch the Starboy come alive and fuck shit up above.

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