Radiohead Plays New York City Tonight, We Still Don't Have Tickets

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Not surprisingly, Vinny Chase got invited. Really, Vin?

    Unless you were lucky enough to get tickets on your own, you're a smoking hot babe who is willing to get fingered on the first date, probably in public or are willing to perform anal sex with your above average penis or you're a celebrity, you're probably not going to see Radiohead tonight or tomorrow. Refreshing a Craiglist query for "Radiohead" is starting to resemble the dark corners of the personals section. Geez.

    More hilarious ways you can score a spot as a +1, with almost little to no money involved:

    Send a creative picture of your butt.
    Spend three days editing some kid's business school applications.
    A blumpkin (if you don't know what that is, I suggest moving on).
    Guess this guy's favorite Radiohead song.

    We'd also like to mention some of these are probably fake. We sent out notes to a few of them just to see what would happen, and responded to a few seemingly legit ones just because. But we know we're probably going to just go home and eat a whole thing of candy beans.

    There aren't enough whiskey shots and Thom Yorke GIFs in the world to console us.

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