New Music Video: Death Cab for Cutie

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab For Cutie) sits on a porch, guitar in hand and spins the tale of a ridiculously good-looking couple in love. Their favorite activity is a toss-up between slow dancing or running through perfectly green fields. The video graces viewers through the different phases of their lives, working in reverse with contented old age, rewinding into its flourishing adult stage, and charmingly, how the two were as precocious kids. "Stay Young, Go Dancing" is an effortlessly saccharine-dazed song about how true love never grows up and certainly doesn't get wrinkles.

    "Stay Young, Go Dancing" is the third single from Death Cab's latest full-length, Codes and Keys , released this past spring.

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