Album Review: Blink-182

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    For most, Blink-182 conjure memories of immaturity and boundless energy, dick jokes and a total lack of responsibility (admittedly, that live album they put out is full of some of the most ridiculous profanity my parents ever accidentally heard in my car). But shining through the cracks in their brash discography of ageless wonder and f-bombs lives a deeper, more poetic sense of romantic ennui, and that's the Blink-182 I love. From the rough, yet subtly tragic "Carousel" to the anthems ("Anthem" and "Anthem Part Two"), "All The Small Things" and "Going Away To College", the band explored some real, if not somewhat angsty emotions, and many of us were the right age to find them resonant. These songs always stuck out to me, and watching the band tighten the screws from the poppy/sloppy Enema Of The State to the more polished Take Off Your Pants and Jacket was one of my earliest memories of clocking a band's progression from album to album.

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