news: jamie smith of the xx to release solo single
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2010

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    Jamie Smith, producer with Mercury Prize winners the xx, has announced the forthcoming release of a solo single entitled "Far Nearer" on Numbers Records. No exact release date has been given, but the tune will premier tonight when the xx co-hosts tonight's edition of X-Posure With John Kennedy.

    In an interview with X-Posure, Smith clarified that the tune was a one-off and not an indication that he is leaving his wildly successful band. Says Smith, "It's a tune I made on one of our [the xx's] short breaks from touring and I was eager to make some new music. I got a steel pan and made this track and it is coming out on Numbers Records in about a month or so."

    X-Posure with John Kennedy, a London-based FM radio show that focuses on new alternative music, is on air at 10 pm London time, or 5PM Eastern time for us Yanks. It can be streamed live online by following the link in this post. -peter menniti

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