Now Playing: Northern State:: Live @ Luna Lounge::: August 29th, 2007
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2007

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    Three party centric MCs…Hesta Prynn, Spero, and Sprout (aka Northern State)…pop the champagne cork on their long awaited new album Can I Keep This Pen? (Ipecac Recordings) for a spirited gathering at Brooklyn’s Luna Lounge. Hosted by the very show biz savvy Mr. Murray Hill, Northern State set their cerebral blend of hip hop beats, live rock riffs, and tight as a hipster’s belt buckle lyric delivery to a Wild West, show down at the OK coral theme. Yee haw ladies…Though we didn’t show in chaps as promised, we did remember to bring our cameras. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Northern State:: “Live at Luna Lounge” – Brooklyn, NY
    Photos: Northern State:: “Live at Luna Lounge” – Brooklyn, NY

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