New Zealand Babes BROODS Talk Festival Fashion and Working With Joel Little

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    Earlier this month, we caught up with sibling duo BROODS at The Meadows Festival in Queens, New York. Despite their slightly dark and edgy indie pop sound, Georgia and Caleb Nott were probably the most charming and giggly people I'd encountered that entire weekend. During our chat, I asked the New Zealand pair about what it was like to work with Lorde collaborator Joel Little on their latest album Conscious, festival fashion, and their musical influences (Georgia may have even asked Rihanna to come to her birthday party, which we must make happen). Read the full interview and experience the two's undeniable charisma in a clip below.

    KIRSTEN SPRUCH: Are you guys excited for your set later today?

    GEORGIA NOTT: Yeah! It's going to be fun.

    KS: Is there anything you guys usually do before your shows to get warmed up?

    CALEB NOTT: Just play good music, that's about it.

    GN: Usually just try not to get too anxious or nervous. We have to keep ourselves calm for a little bit and then just before the show, we amp ourselves up.

    KS: What song do you usually look forward to playing?

    CN: I love playing the first one and the last one.

    GN: Yeah, yeah. Just ‘cause they're really high energy. It's kind of hard. I get really puffed but it's worth it.

    KS: You guys get to work with so many amazing people like Ellie Goulding, HAIM, and Sam Smith. Do you have any fun anecdotes from those tours?

    GN: That was one of our first tours, with HAIM. But the longest one was definitely with Sam and we really got to know those guys.

    CN: It was great. His band is so nice. Everybody on his touring party is so nice.

    GN: We made a lot of awesome friends on that tour. It's nice because you all get to power through the same shit together. And it's really cool to watch bands that have been around for more than us and learn from them and watch them perform and take in what it is we could do better.

    KS: You've worked with Joel Little a lot. What's it like working with him?

    GN: [Laughs] It's really easy.

    CN: He's like extra family to us. He's the guy who started making music with us. He's a part of Broods.

    GN: We've been riding on him before we knew what kind of music we wanted to write, before we knew what our name was going to be. He's a really big mentor for us.

    KS: How important would you say collaboration is to you guys?

    GN: I think you can't really grow as a writer or an artist if you don't let other people influence you. It's important.

    CN: It just makes everything you do way more fun. I don't know. Some people love writing and working on their own. I just think it's boring. I mean, sometimes it's really nice but most of the time I have way more fun if I'm doing it with Joel.

    KS: And you guys are siblings.

    GN: Yep.

    KS: The thing that I thought was funny is that you guys have other siblings who aren't in the band.

    CN: [Laughs] They're amazing songwriters in their own right. Our little sister has her own project as well.

    KS: Does everyone make music in your family?

    CN: Apart from our brother.

    GN: He's an engineer.

    CN: He's an engineer in the Air Force. He's like a physics and calculus genius.

    GN: [Laughs] Just slightly different. But when we started the band, our two younger sisters were in it. Actually one of them still is. They're amazing. They have their own music projects and we're really excited to see what they do as well. We might work with them in the future but it's quite nice to see what they're doing and give them advice.

    CN: And see them do it on their own. We don't want to influence them too much.

    KS: You guys dropped out of university, right, to pursue Broods?

    GN: Yeah, I dropped out extremely prematurely.

    CN: I did a year. Georgia did three weeks.

    GN: I love music and I just did not work very well in a sit-down-and-listen environment. But it's always there. We might go back to it when we're older.

    KS: Who are some of your influences?

    GN: There's many and they change a lot.

    CN: Everything from what our parents made us listen to as kids right up to what we like to listen to today. One of my biggest ones would probably be the Gorillaz.

    KS: Did you catch them last night?

    CN: No. I've been missing them by one day every time.

    GN: For me, I have a lot of female influences that have definitely made me want to do more side projects. Like, the singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser, that's probably the first thing that made me want to do music. And then Nitasha Khan and those kind of people. I love Rihanna. I wouldn't say I write music exactly like Rihanna, but I just love her so much.

    KS: I think she inspires everyone.

    GN: Honestly, I just want her to come to my birthday.

    KS: Rihanna, if you're reading this…

    GN: Come to my birthday! I love you so much!

    KS: You guys have played a handful of festivals too, right? Are there any festival fashion trends that you've loved?

    CN: I'm actually wearing clothes that I bought like two or three years ago.

    KS: I feel like you guys are so fashion forward.

    GN: I'm not really.

    CN: If I could, I would just be wearing my t-shirt. It's my hungover t-shirt. It's kind of like a dress.

    GN: I wouldn't say we're the most fashionable people. To be honest, half the stuff I wear on stage is literally because I get so sweaty and it would get to hard to wear many items.

    CN: Most of my clothes get chosen for me. I get free things. I basically have a wardrobe of free stuff.

    GN: The music business… it's hard to make money. We're just taking what we can get!

    KS: What's the worst fashion trend you've seen walking around?

    CN: That male-jumpsuit thing? What's it called? It's a shirt and shorts that's connected.

    KS. A romper? I've seen one guy wearing that.

    GN: I didn't even know about this! I'm clearly not into keeping up with the trends.

    KS: I don't think so!

    GN: I like your dress. I would wear that.

    KS: Thanks! I would wear your outfit.

    GN: Thanks! I like to buy things that are under five dollars, preferably being worn by several people before me.

    KS: Thrifty.

    GN: They've got a history. It's sort of scrapbook of people who have come through this outfit already.

    KS: Yes. I love that. And last question: Your sophomore album is a lot "bigger," sonically, than the first one... Where do you guys see yourself going in the future with the next one?

    CN: Who knows. We're trying to figure out a bunch of different stuff. All we can say is that it's not going to be like the other two.

    GN: I think it will definitely be obvious that it's made by us. We've been listening to a lot of different music than we used to.

    CN: It will be obvious to us. I mean, if it's Georgia's voice on it, it will be Broods.

    KS: You guys have a very distinctive sound.

    GN: It's weird because we just kind of make stuff and go "That's cool! How ‘bout that?" I guess we don't recognize our own habits as much as other people would. I mean, it's going to be fun to try some new stuff and see what other people think.

    CN: We're writing with a lot of different people. I'm not going to say who, but it's exciting.

    KS: Joel Little?

    GN: We're writing by ourselves a lot.

    CN: Not just Joel Little this time. That's your clue. We still love you Joel. We'll still work with you all the time.

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