We Just Fell in Love with Fiona Apple Even More
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Andrew Bird recently began a video series where he invites fellow musicians into his very own living room to chill out and play some tunes. We love seeing artists in a laid back setting - and watching Bird was enough for us - but then he invited Fiona Apple to come over and she was as lovable as ever. Seriously. SO many lovable moments in this thirty minute video.

    First of all, Apple dawns her best, most quirky Zooey Deschanel look with reading glasses, braids, and a button-down. She truly looks like she was just invited over a friend's house, and we love that authenticity.

    After Bird mentioned that he had put Ms. Fiona Apple through a lot of risky situations, he got her to come back, and she responded with "It's fun 'cause I like our rapport - you said rapport yesterday, I wouldn't have used that word - you're very calm and I'm spazzy. I'm not going to be spazzy today." But she totally was (in the most endearing way ever) and then she proceeds to scream at the top of her lungs (just watch for yourself).

    Bird and Apple continue to perform a couple of songs, purely off of Bird's violin playing and Apple's singing, which are both equally as incredible. Apple's vocals are husky, dark, and ridden with emotion. Nothing has changed. In between songs, they talk about mainly random stuff - where Apple continues to spazz and Bird continues to calmly interview her (you probably have to turn up your volume for Bird and vice versa for Apple).

    The dynamic between these two is pretty much perfect. They fit together so perfectly that we honestly wouldn't mind a full collaboration record. Yeah? Let's make that happen. But whether we get another collab or not, at least we have "Left Handed Kisses" and thirty minutes of video that makes us feel like we're all besties.

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