Bruce Springsteen Tells Us His Top 5 Favorite Bruce Songs
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    When he appeared on his Late Show to promote his new biography, Stephen Colbert asked Bruce Springsteen a question usually directed at anyone but the rock star: what are your top five Bruce songs? Springsteen was slightly taken aback at first, but quickly racked his mind, eventually returning with a list of: "Born to Run", "The Rising", "Thunder Road", "Nebraska", and (after briefly considering "Jungleland") "Racing in the Street". Colbert quipped "these are everybody's top five, by the way", but it seems, from his deciding process, that Springsteen chose the songs that were most memorable in his career, which tend to correspond with his most popular hits. Bruce also had to deal with an audience shouting out their own choices, presumably believing they know Bruce Springsteen's catalog better than the man himself.

    In this same interview, Bruce learned that the producer that mixed his first studio demo, now works at the Late Show, and was gifted a blueprint of the Ed Sullivan Theater, the place where Bruce first saw Elvis Presley perform and was inspired to become a musician, as well the location of Colbert's show. The interview also revealed that Bruce will announce to his band that they will perform songs they've never played before minutes before the show begins, and discussed his influences with the late show host.

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