5 Baeble WTF Moments
    • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2012

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    We love serendipity and are frequently rewarded with it. We make weekly exercise of filming bands we think are interesting and important for people to know more about. The humanity, the perseverance and sometimes the silliness keep it all fresh for us. Here are five moments that still blow us away.


    Bloc Party's lead singer Kele Okereke came for a session. The intern assigned to fetching his keyboard went somewhere else. We gave Kele the office beater guitar and he made intimate magic on the rooftop. We never heard from the intern again.


    A beautiful voice so powerful in a small package that when she was warming up for a session with us a couple of years ago the windows shook. The neighbors were not too happy.

    Low Anthem

    Ben Knox was in such pain from throwing his back out prior to our session with the band that we accidently mistook him for a homeless person lying in the street after the session.

    Secondhand Serenade

    John Veseley showed up for his session, turned green and started to vomit. Bad Chinese. He came back the next day for a re-do feeling much better.

    Corey Chisel

    After filming him in NYC's Washington Square Park he thought it'd be wise to hijack a park golf cart. We got him out of the park in haste, narrowly avoiding arrest.

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