Out and About: Foo Fighters
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Last night New Jersey trembled at the unfathomable rock of Foo Fighters, as the band powered through nearly three hours of aggressive riffage and chaotic shredding. The ubiquitous arena rock band is a dying breed, but Grohl and his band have made it pretty clear they aren't going quietly. Their hits are hits in the truest sense, the essential "Everlong", "All My Life", "Best Of You", all dwell in the collective musical conscious. "Monkey Wrench" and "Learn To Fly", "My Hero", the list goes on and on... Foo Fighters have penned some of the most elastic rock anthems of the past fifteen years. And last night at New Jersey's IZOD Center, they played the shit out of all of them, and much much more.

    Dave Grohl is a magnetic persona, and on the stage, an Energizer Bunny of hype. He runs around like a maniac with his wireless guitar, jaw to the floor and hair flopping with every head bang, the absolute perfect cocktail of goofiness and hardcore. Nevermind the fact that Grohl was the drummer of the most influential rock band of the 90s. The guy's a legend in his own right.

    The band played a large amount of material off their most recent LP, Wasting Light, and the electricity of the tunes in the arena setting gave them new life. These guys write for the rafters. Specifically "Arlandria" and "White Limo", which are fun tunes on the record, but blow out the speakers ten times harder when you can see the veins popping out of Grohl's neck.

    Grohl said so himself, the band aspires to rock at length. A lot happened. Taylor Hawkins, the band's drummer, got to sing a few tunes (while drumming), Grohl brought on former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic to play accordion on "These Days," and the band even played "In The Flesh" their Pink Floyd cover (to be performed tonight on Fallon). The almost three hour rockathon provided the band the opportunity to play lots of new stuff and their greatest hits. And when we say "greatest hits" in regards to Foo Fighters, they really are all hits, from start to finish.

    The band's encore (after a prerecorded video skit, the band's sense of humor continues) jumped from "Best Of You" to "Times Like These", and a handful of other tunes, of course leading up to the band's most beloved tune, "Everlong." It was as epic as encores get. But the best moment of the evening was Grohl's recollection of his former nerves when playing alone in front of thousands of people. You'd never know it. These days, amidst twenty-thousand screaming fans, beer and smoke and UFO lights and all that gear, Grohl and a guitar alone can command lighters and reverence like no other.

    Wasting Light is out now, in case you are tired of playing "All My Life" on Rock Band (we're not). Check out a clip of "Everlong" from last night, taken from pretty much where I was standing for the whole show.

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