New Music Video: Other Lives
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2011

    • Posted by: Stefanie Wray

    Time sweeps slowly over Other Lives in their new music video for the title track from their lovely sophomore album Tamer Animals. The swelling, fresh air sound of "Tamer Animals" provides a smooth and fitting soundtrack for this highly stylized video. Clocks tick in a loop and sunshine floods in unnoticed as the members of the band sit catatonically in an old-fashioned living room in a high-rise building. Their chests heave in unison to a heartbeat as moss, vines, and berries grow over them, which they eat without discrimination. Even a pretty butterfly is disinterestedly consumed. Meanwhile, a clock ticks over the miniature black-and-white city below, where the same scene repeats itself until a shocking change disrupts the predictable order. The lyrics state, "But we're all just an end to a simple thing/ and it's all you see."

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