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    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2010

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    Typically we enjoy everything that John Legend and the legendary Roots crew do, including (so far) their soulful collaborative album Wake Up!. With Spike Jonze directing their live stream concert last week, it might have made sense to connect the album to the Arcade Fire song of the same name (Jonze is a well-know Arcade Fire fanatic). But in retrospect, it didn't necessarily make sense. See for yourself.

    Gone are the gritty, crackling voices of the kids, and the sloppy parts, replaced with a tight ensemble, polished backup singers, and the sultry, smooth voice of Legend. Although it sounds incredible, the ideology of the song seems to conflict with such a perfected version. Or maybe I'm a nutcase and it's raining and I had too much coffee. You decide.

    "Wake Up" (Arcade Fire Cover)

    Wake Up! is out now. -joe puglisi

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