quick bits: mgmt, cmj, free energy and titus andronicus
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2010

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    Hey guys. Today I'm running the blog alone, riding solo (ew, not like this, I like to think it's more like this, but it's probably just like this). We don't have the resources to hit on everything we should today. So here's bunch of other notes we'd like to make on today's happenings, brought to you in rapid fire formation.

    Free Energy just finished a tour with Titus Andronicus and played this Boss cover together (Philly/Jersey kindred spirits love Springsteen). Pitchfork reports, there is also a tour-only split 7" from both bands.

    CMJ announced a whole slew of panelists today for the daytime talks of the week, and subsequently marathon attendees announced a whole slew of things they would not be attending. [via.]

    MGMT announced today that the label will give them significantly less creative freedom with their third LP. Although their risky (and poor-selling) Congratulations felt honest and real (and we loved it for that), it seems money is still king of the ends and means in the music biz.

    If you were worried, don't worry. MIA remains the worst.

    [Top picture: via The Daily What.]

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