NOW PLAYING: JR JR Strip Things Way Down
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Dezi Savini

    Detroit band JR JR recently graced the Baeble studio with their glorious hair and indie pop grooves. The first song they performed is the currently unreleased ode to band-member Daniel Zott's son Johnny. Titled "Wild Child," Zott sings about a terribly relatable problem parents encounter: not being able to keep up with his kid's limitless energy. (I instantly pictured Donnie from Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberrys.) They followed up that ode to childhood with a sweet song about overcoming times of hardship. Fittingly, "Same Dark Places" was featured on 13 Reasons Why, Netflix's original series about mental health.

    JR JR was founded when Zott met Joshua Epstein while working on other Detroit music projects. They originally performed under the moniker Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. as a fun nod to NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Despite a blessing from the man himself, they decided to shorten their name to JR JR after several instances involving confused NASCAR fans.

    The name change hasn't seemed to hinder the band's success, and their unique sound of indie pop, folk, and electronica never fails to brighten the day.

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