British Indie Rockers Wild Beasts Breaks Up, Breaks Our Hearts
    • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    Break ups are fun for no one. The break up-er, the break up-ee, the friends who suddenly have to choose which one of you they're going to emotionally support, the legions of fans who want refunds for their concert tickets. You know, typical end-of-relationship stuff.

    British indie band Wild Beasts announced their break up yesterday. In a letter posted to the band's twitter account, the group of four said that the change is due to a personal and artistic shift.

    Because the band members met as teenagers, the breakup is especially devastating. The band (composed of Hayden Thorpe, Ben Little, Chris Talbot, and Tom Fleming) got its legs in 2002, when Thorpe and Little met at the Queen Katherine School in Kendal, England. Drummer Chris Talbot would join them two years later, with Tom Fleming starting as bassist in 2005.

    All things considered, it seems like a pretty amicable breakup. It's clear that the band is (rightfully) proud of their work and doesn't want to tarnish it by producing sub-par records. Why they feel their future work wouldn't be as good as what they've produced in the past, however, is unclear.

    Thankfully, Wild Beasts have given fans a parting gift. Like an ex dropping off all the stuff that reminds them of you, Wild Beasts are giving us a final EP composed of three songs, titled Punk Drunk and Trembling. The EP will be released on October 20. Here's a little taste:

    Also watch our live concert with the band:

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