Beck Keeps Delivering Bubblegum Hits
    • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    I love Beck. He's killin' it right now. When he released "Dreams" last year, which seemed to be a standalone single, we lost our minds. Yeah, it didn't sound like typical Beck, but who cared? It was so-fucking-catchy. There's no way you couldn't NOT dance when you heard those first few guitar strums in the intro. If anything, it was impressive that he could pull off literally any type of genre (yeah, he could probably take on Nintendocore and I'd still like it). Plus, it still had a bit of an alternative tinge, with the Tame Impala-inspired breakdown mid-track. "Dreams" came out. We listened to it. We liked it. We wanted more.

    But guys... we didn't get more... for a really long time.

    Summer 2016 rolled around and finally, Beck had dropped a second single. The single was called "Wow" and it was darker, more percussive. It included some "talk-singing" and was more hip-hop based. It was fun, almost a little comical, and actually different from all of the other music being released. Once again, we liked it. At the time, the (so far untitled) album was set to drop on October 21st. Yaaaaaas, but we still wondered, what was this weird musical progression that Beck was making?

    Now, Beck has released a new single called "Up All Night" (below), which is also featured in the FIFA '17 video game. More like "Dreams," it's powered by strong acoustic strums and a groovy beat. And now, for the third time in a row, we are absolutely delighted. Unfortunately, it seems like the (still untitled) album release is being pushed back. How much longer will we have to wait for Beck to deliver the rest of this bubblegum pop goodness?

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