Rihanna Begs For 'Diamonds'

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    Good news Rihanna fans! Although she has yet to pin down a name or release date for her seventh album, she has released her new single, "Diamonds!"

    According to her Twitter account, the line, "We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky" is a tribute to her grandmother. However, if you listen to the rest of the lyrics, it seems like there's something else going on. Maybe she's hoping to make that one-line tribute her talking point so as to steer people away from linking yet another action of hers to Chris Brown?

    Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? Could she be hoping that by repeating one word enough times in the song, it will give out a subliminal message to Chris Brown that she would like some beautiful diamonds (diamonds, diamonds) to be gifted to her? She has admitted that she's still in love with the guy, after all. Defending you left and right -- despite what you did to her -- does deserve some sort of positive payback, Chris!

    If we do believe that the song is in some way also about Chris, the line, "I saw the life inside your eyes" does seem to be a complete 180 from her claim that there was no soul in his eyes when he attacked her, though. I'm sure the song will spark many more rumors, so lets all just sit back and enjoy watching the internet debate begin, shall we?

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