Husky Forever So

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    Four-piece Australian band Husky's debut album, Forever So is the perfect album to sip your morning coffee to. The soft instrumentals and vivid story-telling can carry you to scenes varying from motels by the sea, to rivers in the woods and anywhere in between, all while you're still in your pajamas!

    The heartfelt lyrics reflect a love gone wrong AKA storytelling gold -- just ask Taylor Swift and Adele. The offender in this case goes by the name of Josephine, and lead-singer Husky Gawenda assures us that "I don't love her anymore." Well, maybe so, but obviously there are still some feelings lingering around in there somewhere.

    In "Animals and Freaks," we learn that there was something going on that night, although it seems Husky doesnt quite know what it is, so, feel free to ad-lib your own story in here. At the beginning (and end) of the song, Husky asks if we want to hear a story about him. He says that "you don't know yourself/until she's had her way with you," so apparently at this point, Josephine is still a goddess. Up until she leaves, that is.

    While at times the album may seem fairly simple, it is still quite enjoyable. If nothing else, maybe you'll learn that next time you meet a girl named Josephine, it may be best to look the other way. Although, who knows, maybe if she breaks your heart, you can write an album too.

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