The Stripped Back Emotion Of City And Colour
    • FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

    • Posted by: Frankie McSweeny-Glynn

    City and Colour's "Lover Come Back" is an upbeat anthem for anyone who's ever experienced true heartbreak. The original track is great for those post-breakup days where you still want to wallow in your recent rejection, but you still need to look like you're doing fine. But for those days when you don't need to prove to anyone that you've been crying over your ex all night, City and Colour's acoustic session with Guitar Center is perfect.

    The track's been reduced to its most basic form - just vocals and an acoustic guitar - and the emotion behind the song really shines through. My first listen, all I could focus on was the guitar. If you just pay attention to the chord structure, it's very simple - basically just the same few chords - but it's how they're played that makes the song sound so complex. Variations to the chords make the song sound so much warmer and rounded out. But with no other instrumental tracks, it's hard to not listen to the lyrics, and they pack a punch. The vocals are dripping with remorse and longing for your ex, clearly ringing out above the guitar. If the original is a regretful "f*** you" to your ex, the acoustic version of "Lover Come Back" is that bittersweet feeling you feel deep in your gut after someone breaks your heart.

    And be sure to check out our exclusive session with City & Colour below.

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